CADV has been working steadily for over 31 years to end domestic violence in Trinidad & Tobago, and in that time we have created real change.

Your support will allow us to move our mission forward, one day at a time, by:

  • Providing psycho-social support to survivors of domestic violence. We provide free counselling to over 900 clients annually at our north and south offices.
  • Providing legal advice to victims and survivors
  • Increasing the public’s understanding of the factors that drive domestic violence and promoting community responses. We do community outreach and public outreach to groups, schools, companies, and religious institutions
  • Advocating for policies that will help survivors, hold abusive people to account and create social change to end family violence. Successes include the Domestic Violence Act, Sexual Offences Act, National Sex Offender Registry, Domestic Violence Workplace Policy.
  • Providing capacity building for advocates and others working with survivors of domestic violence. We work with first responders such as law enforcement officers, health care professionals, teachers, hotline operators, shelter personnel, NGO operators and volunteers

We are able to have an impact because of community members like you!

But there is so much more that we need to do. One in three women in intimate partnerships have experienced some form of abuse. Over 3000 reports of child abuse are made to the Children’s Authority every year.

To meet the demand for counselling in North and South Trinidad and to extend to Tobago, we need 3 full time counsellors. Help us to empower and support those survivors to gain control over their lives and to live in safety.

The cost of this annually is $432,000 TT Dollars

Thank you for your support and do continue to support our mission.